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Positive Vibes from Switzerland to Singapore in 24 hours


Last week my friend Carolene fulfilled a personal goal, to create an event and execute it start to finish. She’s a huge fan of yoga and also oversees the VIP events for Kooza, so what better way than to combine the two and hold a huge yoga event in the gorgeous VIP tent! While I had no doubt Caro would make the event a success, I could not predict what an emotional response would transpire in the following 24 hours. 

During our short time in Bern, Caro had developed connections with the yoga community and issued an open invite to anyone who wanted to join the session. 90 people turned and twisted on the day, including some Cirque performers and staff. (Big thanks to Caro for all the images in this post too!)

I’ve recently become a yoga convert after years of dismissively stating “I don’t like the terminology of downward dog, upward sun, its all too hippy for me!”  I’ve let go of the words that seemed to bother me and focus on the positive impact it has on my physical state.


The session was led by a female yoga instructor that Caro had befriended, she had a warm voice buoyant with positivity and reassured us to do what our bodies can handle. A refreshing change from the tiny blonde ninja instructor who taught me yoga in Warsaw and constantly yelled “try harder!” (Her face would later became a visual target for my boxing classes so I felt avenged!)

Towards the end of the yoga session the instructor said “I want you to do this last position and think about someone close to you who is sick or perhaps injured and needs your healing energy.” My nephew Tomas immediately came to mind as he had been very ill for a few days. At that moment I inhaled a deep breath, thinking of him and I felt a pang in my chest, an ache that radiated in my body and I became emotional imagining his discomfort and pain. Tears wet my cheeks and in that moment I felt so connected to him that when I finished the session I sent my sister a text message to explain what had transpired.


My sister Ness runs a personal training and bootcamp business in Singapore called Momentum Bootcamps. Unbeknownst to me that night while I slept in Switzerland she decided to say the very same thing in her morning bootcamp that day. I woke up to this text message from her:

“Thanks for sharing what your yoga instructor said to you at the end of your session, I was inspired by it this morning and did the same thing. I received this message from a client just moments ago…..Hi Ness, Awesome class today, glad to be back, I missed it! Your comment about sending ‘positive energy’ comment to somebody who really needs it this morning had me in floods of tears all the way home… Just what I needed, sometime we just need a good cry when we are hopeless to help somebody dear… Thanks Bx


In 24 hours my lesson of compassion and empathy had travelled from Switzerland to Singapore and helped someone else who was hurting. I felt empowered about this cycle of healing energy that we were creating and felt compelled to share this with all of you in the hope it may resonate in your lives.

You don’t need to be into yoga to spend a few moments thinking of someone who needs your healing energy. Find some quiet time to stretch, have a relaxing bath or go for a walk and focus on that person who needs a little love right now. If you’re open to it, let that person know what you did. You may have a heart lifting experience like Ness and I did. Namaste! xox



Positive Vibes from Switzerland to Singapore in 24 hours

Last week my friend Carolene fulfilled a personal goal, to create an event and execute it start to finish. She's ...
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  1. Beris Lyons says

    paying it forward has helped so many people …. How many others I wonder will pay it forward which might help more people in need. Keep exercising the body and mind. Great blog!!!

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