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I Want To Sex You!


Quite possibly the best pick up line I’ve heard and it came from a suave Roman man. And if this sentence wasn’t delivered only 15 minutes after meeting my friend Kensey roadside, it may have just worked. After receiving the answer “No” his follow up response was persuasive “But I want you!” yet unsuccessful.

My husband Skip, Kensey and I were in Rome to see one of our lifelong friends, Simon, who had just spent six weeks working as crew on the Prince of Saudi Arabia’s yacht. His stories would make a great Stevan Seagal film, machine gun boat chases, sharks chasing fish in private beaches while guests swim unaware and skippering the yacht through life threatening seas while guests scream in panic.

Giggling like school girls over fried artichokes, cheap vino tinto and gooey slices of Quattro formaggio pizza, Simon tells me he loves the blog. (He’s 34, 6ft3, broad shouldered and honestly has a giggle that would be indistinguishable if you put him in a group with 8 year old girls!) “It’s great, funny too…except your posts are too long, less words Quayle!” I ask him to clarify his expected word count, “Two paragraphs.” So while I have already failed by a paragraph in achieving his request I am going make this my shortest post yet and let the photos of Rome do the talking!Rome_blue_skyPiazza_NavonaPantheon_buskersPantheon_lightFried_artichokePiazza_Navona_duskRome_side_streetPiazza_Navona_admirers




  1. Graze the Earth says

    Thanks Mum! Bless you, of course you think I could write a bible length blog post and you’d still want more. Love you – thanks for your support xo

  2. Beris says

    Captions next to the photos would assist to identify the places you visited. I disagree about sticking to 2 paragraphs .. As a reader we need to bein the zone and feel we are there with you and eating what you are eating. Keep up the super commentary – I enjoy it.

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