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Healthy Lettuce Burger


I’m a HUGE fan of this lettuce burger! It’s super tasty, quick, healthy, easy to make and doesn’t make you feel fat and bloated after consuming large amounts of bread. This recipe includes how to make low fat meat patties although you can easily substitute it with grilled chicken, chickpea patties or grilled vegetables.


To make 4 meat patties you will need:
500 grams of beef mince – I use low fat mince but this is personal preference.
1 egg
Pinch of salt and pepper
8 lettuce cups
Sliced beetroot
Egg…this list could go on and on…


1. Add egg, mince, salt and pepper into a bowl and with your hands knead them together.
2. Roll mince into round balls and then flatten out for cooking.
3. Wash and cut your fresh ingredients ready to pimp your burger when the patties are cooked.
4. Gently peel back the larger lettuce leaves, avoid breaking them where possible. 2 decent lettuce cups for each burger.
5. Assemble burger* and devour!

*A handy tip I learnt from a friend a few years ago is to always place your cheese down first, whether its a wrap or burger, and then the warm meat is placed on top, it melts it slightly before you eat it – YUM!




  1. Amanda says

    Trick I learnt last year is to place the lettuce leaves in a bowl of water with ice cubes in it for about 10mins, makes the lettuce super crunchy!

    • Graze the Earth says

      Great tip Amanda! This is called “refreshing” in chef world. You can do it with any vege that’s cooked or raw to make them crisp. Try it next time you make a cooked salad, it’s awesome!

  2. Graze the Earth says

    Lettuce know how it goes…haha sorry couldn’t help myself!

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