Best Eats, Macau
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Best Eats – Macau


After living in humid Macau you realise pretty quickly that survival depends on alfresco eating and drinking. As a former Portuguese colony Macau has become a melting pot for cuisine. Macau is made up of three parts; Macau Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane, all offering a range of fantastic places to dine. Here are our favourite places to eat and drink.

Noodle and Congee Corner in The Grand Lisboa – Macau Peninsula

Looking for the best dumplings to gorge yourself on? The Noodle and Congee Corner inside Grand Lisboa casino is open 24 hours and serves fabulous Chinese food. Try the Roasted pork, Steamed shrimp spring rolls wrapped in steamed rice flour (the pork and vegetable version of these are super tasty too) and the Steamed ShangHainese dumplings with minced pork. (TIP! poke a hole in the dumpling with your chopstick and let the soup inside cool a little before eating and avoid burning your tongue.

Highly recommend you order ANY kind of tea and watch the Tea Master, serve you tea like you’ve never experienced before, its quite the energetic performance. The open kitchen makes this dining experience a highlight as you watch chef’s make noodles and dumplings from scratch. If you only have one place to eat in Macau, this is it!

L.B SuperPollo Pak Kap Chao – Macau Peninsula

The Spanish chicken here is packed full of flavour! Served with rice and salad this is a great comfort meal to enjoy when you’re away from home. There is also tapas on the menu if you prefer a lighter meal and like to sample a range of different flavours. You’ll need a good map/app to get you here…its off the beaten track but the food is well worth it.

Old Taipa Tavern

Commonly referred to as OTT by the expats who frequent this venue daily, it was one of first western styled bars that paved the way for English pub style food in Macau. The burgers here are awesome in both size and flavour. Choose from a beef, chicken or fish burger, the latter is my favourite. This has always been a hub for live music and comedy, although heavily dependent on whether Macau’s fun police allow it.

A Petesquera – Taipa

A short walk from Old Taipa Tavern is A Petesquera, a Portuguese restaurant that the locals love. Garlic prawns, clams, sardines and lamb chops are all divine dishes! They’ll also bring you hot crusty bread to dip into olive oil and balsamic vinegar – make sure you save some to dip into the clam sauce. It’s a small venue so make a reservation, this place fills up fast.

Yuzu – Taipa

This restaurant has a gorgeous interior with an all white palate, vibrant Japanese materials wrap the bench seats and bird cages hang instead of light shades, making it one of Macau’s trendiest restaurants. But the highlight here really is the food. This is some of the best Japanese food you’ll ever eat. Seared salmon sushi with spicy mayonnaise, soft shell crab and beef in yuzu truffle sauce are all exquisite dishes. Try the pink peppercorn ice cream for a unique taste experience.

Normans Hac Sa Park, Coloane

Don’t let the plastic chairs and table cloths put you off at this relaxed out door venue. Norman’s is all about outdoor dining and enjoying the best BBQ’d food on offer in Macau. The king garlic prawns, beef short ribs and chicken fried rice are a must. The BBQ chicken and lamb chops are delicious too, in fact pick anything on this menu and you’ll be happy. Take a group of friends for lunch, order some buckets of Tsing Tao’s or San Miguel’s and lunch will soon become dinner. If you’re there on a Friday night you might get to see Norman bust out the karaoke machine and belt a few tunes!

La Gondola – Cheoc Van Beach, Coloane

La Gondola is perched along the South China Sea, allowing you to sit outdoors, enjoy the sunshine and watch the waves roll in. Featuring an Italian menu it has a variety of delicious wood fired pizzas, pastas and jugs of sangria – all ideal for sharing! Try the seared chorizo for entree and the clams with white wine sauce for a main. The rare T-bone with balsamic salad is a hit with carnivores.

Nga Tim’s – Coloane

Is an open-air restaurant popular with locals and expats who love fresh seafood. The menu combines Macanese, Chinese and Portuguese influences and has several unique dishes. The café is set is located in front of the Chapel of St Francis Xavier. After dinner take a walk around the corner and have a freshly baked Portuguese tart from Lord Stow’s Bakery. YUM!!



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