About Us

Welcome to Graze the Earth, a blog about exploring new cuisine and the ventures and mishaps of travel. My husband Skip and I are avid travellers and are fortunate to have seen a lot of the world. We met in a bar in Macau and he called me Melinda for two months when finally I said “I’m Amanda, nice to meet you”. Skip is a country boy and Im a city girl. He’s creative, talented and musical, he’s the left brain to my right brain. Together we’re a splendid fit.

A fabulous opportunity came up for us to travel around Europe with Cirque Du Soleil when Skip landed an amazing role as the Kitchen Manager for a touring show called Kooza. Not only is he a skilful chef but he’s also a fabulous food photographer. Oh and did I mention he also sings and plays guitar?!

I grew up as a diplomats brat moving around Asia until I was 12, which kick started my thirst for travel. My curiosity of the world and being an inherent infovore causes a lot of ribbing from friends, lets just say Im a fan of asking a question or three. I had mere dreams of being a travel writer, until now.

We love to find out where the locals eat, its a surefire guide to ensuring great meals. So if you have any tips on where the best coffee is or where we can get a great meal please drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you. Amanda & Skip