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A Handy Tip to Avoid Extra Baggage Fees


Travelling with an electronic portable luggage scale can save you a lot of worry, especially if you love to shop when you travel, but if you don’t have one and unsure about the weight of your bags, read on. Before you reach the airport and nervously drop your bags on those scales with trepidation of getting hit with costly fees, (some airlines charge as much as $50AUD PER KILO over 23kgs!!) and avoiding the awkward re-pack of undies and personal effects at the check-in desk, try this tip.

Airlines lures us in with their competitive flight fares only to redeem profits by charging for excess baggage weight at check in. Let’s be honest, none of us want to spend our mojito budget on paying for excess baggage! If you like to shop up a storm overseas, try this handy hint.

Place any items you can afford to ditch, in a large ziplock bag. (If you haven’t already read about my love of ziplock bags click here.) Body wash, nail polish remover, shaving cream, toothpaste, anything with weight, cheap and easy to replace on your next stop. All of those items go into this bag. Pack your suitcase, placing this at the top of your suitcase. If your weight limit is exceeded, quickly unzip, pull this out and ditch it. Saves hassle, time, money and leaves your pride in tact!


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